Planning Your Bugout Bag March 30 2023
Planning Your Bugout Bag
Having done extensive research on bugout bags or ready bags I see the same mistakes over and over again.

To plan a bugout bag, you need to plan for an event, location and circumstances.

Most of the advice is to pack for the zombie apocalypse and have supplies like you are in the middle of nowhere with no resources. But that is an unlikely scenario.

In reality, every situation is unique. Someone living in the city of Tampa Florida will need much different supplies than someone in rural Alaska or Montana.

Are you getting away from everyone? Or are you getting away from an event or natural disaster? Gas leak or forest fire?

It is important to plan for your area, your climate and your potential scenarios that might cause the need to bug out.

Most people think of bugging out as heading for the woods, alone, no resources nothing. But that is very unlikely and it is more likely that you will need to travel to a new safer location.

So rather than planning for setting up a new society with your bugout bag, wife and kids, think about what you will need to get where you need to be in the event that you need to quickly get out of Dodge for whatever reason.

The train derailment in OHIO is a good example. People should have got in their cars with gas masks and driven to safety. If that safety was a family members home a couple sates away, then what was needed was cash, a vehicle, changes of clothes maybe for an overnight etc.

In that instance, it would have been useless to have survival supplies for camping in the wilderness that would not translate to simply driving a safe distance away from the toxins.

Of course, when the explosion hit, there is no time to pack bags, gather clothes, go to the ATM and take out cash or make any plans for the trip.

That is where a ready or go-bag comes in handy. With a couple days of food, water and a change of clothes already packed it will make the process possible.

Of course having a gas mask or respirator in each bag is also great which is especially helpful in forest fires and smoke conditions that could suffocate you.

Being prepared is not a sickness, it is common sense. A tornado hits, takes out power, water and your shelter. Having a secure bag with a change of clothes and supplies to get you to a safe place are critical.

Or you can be one of the victims wandering around aimlessly when the news crews arrive and tell your story of absolute helplessness waiting 2 weeks for FEMA to arrive.

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